CyberGhost VPN for iPhone

CyberGhost 5 VPN For iPhone


The CyberGhost 5 app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and can be used by all Premium and Premium Plus users without any additional costs.

CyberGhost is one of the most popular VPN services available, and for good reason. It is an easy-to-use VPN for ensuring personal privacy online, which works with Windows, OS X, Android and iOS, so no matter if at home, in the office, or out on the road, you can use CyberGhost VPN to disguise your online identity and access otherwise blocked websites. (country specific websites).

The app will automatically configure and install L2TP/IPSec connections and makes the usage of a VPN on an iDevice more convenient:


  • Connection and disconnection by a simple finger tap
  • Stress free choice of country
  • Fast location changes


CyberGhost had its beginnings way back in 2004 in Germany by founder Robert Knapp. The operation then moved to Romania in 2010 and started CyberGhost SRL in 2011 with the first 7 employees. The reason for the move was that in 2009 the Romanian Constitutional Court decided against data retention, thus protecting user’s identities.


Why use a VPN

You guessed it, there is simply zero privacy online. From social media to retail websites they are all collecting everything they can about you. For example, ever noticed how when you visit a website looking for a specific item, suddenly that item appears in banner advertising on other websites?

We shouldn’t forget that we should be able to have a private conversation between family members, partners or friends, it is what builds relationships between us. Being watched and followed while we talk about our personal issues is a bit of an invasion of privacy. You would soon moan if in the real world you caught someone behind a wall listening to your private conversations.

We don’t need to explain the importance of security while using free wi-fi hotspots, no matter how long you are online for, but a good VPN will protect your privacy and give you better security.


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CyberGhost 5 for iPhone

CyberGhost for iPhone can be downloaded as a free iOS app for better online security, WLAN protection and encrypted surfing, but it does have limited usage, for instance, only a select number of servers are available.

Upgrading to the Premium service offers speeds up to 5 times faster compared to the free service, is available to use on one device, whatever operating system you want, with no ads, more than 600 servers in 30 countries.

Premium Plus offers the same as the Premium service, but can be used simultaneously on up to 5 devices. This is perfect for most as can be used at home, office, and on the go.


Downloading & installing CyberGhost VPN

To get CyberGhost VPN up and running is extremely easy and just needs a few mouse clicks. Download the free CyberGhost VPN client and proceed: Start the Setup Wizard by double clicking on the web installer file you downloaded. Follow the instructions that appear after launching the Setup Wizard. It will take you through all necessary steps.


Using CyberGhost VPN

Once you have the software up and running you’ll be connected to the many servers that the CyberGhost service operate with secure L2TP VPN protocols. From then its virtually impossible to be hacked while you are on any public network, such as free Wi-Fi in hotels, cafes and hotspots.


Your Privacy and security

In addition to the protection against advertisers, tracking cookies, data miners, website owners and other snoopers, by connecting to CyberGhost VPN, you enter the world of full anonymity: your IP is changed and your internet connection is encrypted with just one click.

You can choose to mask your IP address to any one of the many different countries around the world. This is limited though on the free version of CyberGhost for iPhone, but subscribers get many more choices. Masking your IP every time you connect, so that nobody can detect you.

Our proxy will also be useful to access geo-restriction or censored online content, such as videos and music. You can now safely access websites like Netflix, BBC, Fox, ABC, YouTube, Flickr, Spotify, Pandora, Facebook, Twitter and many others. With CyberGhost VPN for iPhone, you can hide your IP address and benefit from a top-military encryption. We use the 256-bit AES encryption, the strongest encryption there is. So do use CyberGhost VPN when making online payments and transfers!


Should I go for Premium Account?

You can always opt in for a monthly or yearly subscription, which will grant you premium access to more than 300 servers in 23 countries, higher speed and other benefits. You can read all about it on the website:


At a glance, CyberGhost VPN for iPhone:

• Protects your privacy online

• Allows unlimited anonymous and secure web browsing

• Protects passwords and other sensitive information from hackers and criminal data hunters in public networks, e.g. for safe online banking transactions

• Free proxy to access content you love

• Bypasses web-blocking by government and business oriented censors

• Bypasses country locks by website operators, employers, university or school and allows easy access to censored content

• Bypasses service barriers such as VoIP through your provider

• THIS APP RESPECTS YOUR PRIVACY; no appropriation of personal information, no access to contacts or other sensitive data

• Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited traffic volume - even for free users

• No backdoors for intelligence services, no logs!



Because CyberGhost is based in Romania it is well placed to safeguard its users’ privacy. As it keeps no personally identifiable logs of user activities – no content, web addresses, IPs or any kind of personal communication – there’s nothing for it to disclose if requested by authorities. Impressively, the company publishes a regularly updated and openly available transparency report listing all such requests it has received.


Manufacturer: CyberGhost


Operating System Covered: Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android and Linux

Price: Free & Paid versions

ISP Mark: 8.5/10


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