Norton Internet Security 2016

Norton Security Deluxe 2016


Symantec`s Norton Anti-Malware software has been around for a while now and is always a solid performer and somewhere at the top of all internet security software reviews and tests. Although it has been around for a number of years now it is still regarded as a very strong security suite.

There are users who say that Norton security software is resource hungry, and does slow down your system, but that does depend on the setup you have. When you think about the many different variations of motherboard, processors and other hardware it is always going to be a struggle to get software to work perfectly with all systems. If you are unsure, it is best to download a Trial version and see how you get on with it.

Norton Security packages come in 3 variants, standard, Deluxe and premium. We are reviewing the deluxe version. There are a couple of others available, Norton Family Premier and Norton Mobile Security but they for Family PCs and Mobile devices respectively.

Norton Security Deluxe varies slightly from the standard version in that it covers up to 5 devices, PCs, Macs, smartphones or tablets, and these days, that makes it very useful with users having different operating systems to protect.



Installation of the software is straightforward enough, and once your system has been restarted to finalise the installation you are protected. One thing to note, even if you download the trial version of Norton Security Deluxe you have to create an account to activate it. We find this a bit intrusive and annoying, but it seems like more and more security vendors are doing this.


Norton Internet Security 2016


User Interface

On starting the software you are presented with the main user interface. The top half displays the overall security status of your system, including the last protection updates installed, and the last time a scan was run.

The bottom half of the main window is then divided into four main panels representing Security, Identity, Performance and More Norton, each marked "Protected" or "At Risk." If everything is fine with your system everything is displayed in green, if there's a problem, the top status pane and the affected panel change to red, with a Fix Now button to solve the problem.

Clicking on one of these panels reveals other icons for each section:


Security - Run Scans, Live Update, History and Advanced

Identity - Safe Web, Antiphishing and Identity Safe features, you can also download and install Norton's Internet Explorer Toolbar, although these are known to slow down Browsers.

Performance - Here you will find details of the last time optimization and clean-ups were done, and an options for defragmenting the hard drive, cleaning up the files and getting the system to start up quicker

More Norton – With More Norton you can log into your account, see how many devices are protected, and how many more you can protect.


Antivirus / Antimalware

Symantec Norton is well known for its solid performance and protection against threats, and has always been at the top for protecting your vital data. They are that positive about it that they even offer a money back guarantee if their software can’t remove every piece of malware.

Besides the usual malware signature scans, Norton Security Deluxe 2016 includes a behavioural analysis of unknown code that Norton calls SONAR, which stands for Symantec Online Network Response.



Norton Security Deluxe's firewall automatically adjusts its settings, but can also be manually controlled.



There are the usual choices of scan, Quick, Full and Custom scans, the latter of which examines a single suspect file or folder that you choose.

Quite a few review sites like to tell you the speed of these scans, and that some antimalware vendor’s software is much faster. This is irrelevant, in that there are so many different setups from processor, to memory, and programs working in the background on your system that all affect how any antivirus software will perform.



The Identity section of the software links to the program's Safe Web, Antiphishing and Identity Safe features. You can also install Norton's Internet Explorer Toolbar, but these do tend to slow down a Browsers performance. This screen also contains ID Settings, Statistics and a Password Generator.

You can install the Identity Safe Password Manager on all of your devices, whether it is Windows, iOS or an Android device. You can then sync passwords and other data between those devices.



Clicking on the Performance panel will show four buttons: Optimize Disk, File Cleanup, Startup Manager and Graphs. The File Cleanup and Startup Manager are two useful utilities to have.

The file Cleanup will remove Windows temporary files and Internet Explorer temporary files, while the Startup Manager will show programs that launch automatically on startup slowing your system down and making it hard to use, you can then disable those that you don’t want to launch on startup thus freeing up system resources and helping your system run a bit faster.


Symantec UK


As always Norton Security Deluxe is a solid performer, however, the package does without a few features found in other mid-priced antivirus products, such as a secure browser and parental controls. Do remember though that Norton Security Deluxe does cover more devices than most competitors.


Manufacturer: Symantec/Norton


Operating System Covered: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, Mac, iOS, Android

Price: Paid versions

ISP Mark: 8.5/10


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