Panda Gold Protection 2016

Panda Gold Protection 2016


Panda Security are a fairly well know security vendor. This review covers Panda Gold Protection, their top-of-the-range security product which includes all of the components in Global Protection, Internet Security and Antivirus Pro.

At around £49 ($78) it isn’t exactly cheap, but it is a good, solid product, and on purchase, increasing the number of devices, length and subscription can bring it down quite a bit, so it may be worth getting other family members to chip in, especially as it covers not only PCs but iOS, Macs and Android.



Installation of Panda Gold Protection is fairly straightforward and we didn’t encounter any issues. The new look is similar to Windows 8.1 giving a clear layout, and making it user friendly. Panda was one of the first security companies to use the Cloud to store its database of virus definitions and this means not only is it updated quickly and on a regular basis, it means that the software you install is not so large as the traditional way of having the huge database on your PC.


panda gold protection 2016


Start-up and Scan

On starting up Panda Gold Protection you get a very colourful, well laid out and easy to use interface with options from scans to parental controls, also information on files scanned and threats blocked. On trying the Scan tile, there are the usual Full, quick and custom scans, but also another which starts Advanced Virus Protection, this then proceeds to install another piece of software called Panda Cloud Cleaner. On investigation we couldn’t work out what it would detect that the conventional virus scans wouldn’t, and we couldn’t find any other information regarding this. The scan features do also include a scanner that monitors the PC as it boots up, thus keeping an eye open for anything it doesn’t recognise, which tries to load when your system starts up.



Another very useful feature of Panda Gold Protection is the availability to create a USB memory stick into a bootable device to help disinfect a PC because of viruses or malware on Start up. Add in the Rescue Boot feature which gives another option on Start Up, it means if you get any problems you can boot up to Cloud Cleaner to disinfect your system, a great feature and very helpful.

Panda Gold Protection also has email scanning available to detect viruses and spam.



Other features include a firewall, which shows the programs that access the internet. The firewall menu then allows you to allow or deny access to the internet and you can set custom permissions such as activity on a specific port.


Identity Protection

Identity Protection can detect and block the transmission of any of your personal information like passwords, bank accounts and so on. Something that everyone should really use this day and age when we all do so much online that does require the use of our personal information.

Parental Controls enable you to choose a filter for each Windows User Account. This could be none, kids, teen, employee or just create a custom setting to suite the situation. A backup facility provides local and cloud backup of your files. This means you can back up to an attached device like a storage drive or CD/DVD disk or backup to Cloud Storage of your choice, Panda Gold Protection includes 20Gb to get you started. Apps for Android and iOS also allow you to access your files while away from home.



Panda Gold Protection covers everything you need regarding security and backup. It is a good solid product with some good test results from AV comparatives and Virus Bulletin, and with the services support of Panda we don’t think you can go far wrong with this product. If your serious about protecting your digital life, this should be on your short list.


Manufacturer: Panda Security


Operating System Covered: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Windows 10, iOS, Mac and Android.

Price: £49 ($78)

Mark: 8/10


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