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What is the best password to use?


Many people ask, what is the right password to use? Just follow these basic rules and you can’t go far wrong:


  1. The first thing to remember, and most important, is DON’T use any personal information, that includes name, birthdays, pets names, favourite football team or the road that you live. Not even reversed.
  2. No real words. Never use any words that are in the dictionary, which is just asking for trouble, especially as password hacking software can go through around 200 words a SECOND.
  3. Don’t use the same password for everything. Cybercriminals could steal passwords and maybe other personal information on websites with little security, and then use them to get into more secure websites, such as banking and PayPal.
  4. Make your password at least 8 characters long, 12 would be great. Again do not use words from a dictionary.
  5. Mixing capital and small letters, and some other characters to "dixatBet" are better for strength and also make a huge difference. "dixatBet" could be cracked in about 3 hours, whereas something like “Dix56@Be1t>” would take about 50 thousand years.
  6. A simple solution to creating different passwords for different websites is to just add three or four letters to anywhere you think suitable. For instance, on Facebook you could have “Dix56@Be1t>FaCb” or if you use eBay, you could use “Dix56@Be1t>eBaY”. Using lower and upper case letters also makes your password even stronger.
  7. Do not repeat yourself. ttTT6655!! Looks good, but is too obvious.
  8. Change your passwords frequently, at least every few months. You can modify it slightly to make it easier to remember. So instead of Dix56@Be1t>; you will use Dix57@Be8t>.
  9. If you use a lot of passwords, over 100 in my case, then password management tools might save time and a lot of headaches. Secured by a single ultra-strong password, something you can remember but nobody else would guess, they store your passwords and automatically recall them as needed. The best password managers also function as automated Web form fillers.


NOTE: The greater the variety of characters in your password, the better. However, password hacking software automatically checks for common letter-to-symbol conversions, such as changing "and" to "&" or "to" to "2."




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